Cooperative firm


             (Culture & arts business planning, Artist management)

§2006   Founding of Gugak Ensemble ‘ARAYUN’

             (The first professional Gugak ensemble of Seoul National University)

§2007~ Holding the ARAYUN Concert (National Gugak Center, Seoul Arts Center, etc.)

§2008   Release of 1st Album of ARAYUN

§2008   Planning of ARAYUN concert in Beijing

§2009   Release of 2nd Album of ARAYUN

§2009   2009 Top Brand Award (Sports Seoul)

§2010   Gugak Performance and Public Advertisement Planning of G20 Seoul Summit 2010

§2010   Release of 3rd Album of ARAYUN

§2010   Planning of ARAYUN Concert at ASIAN Heritage Festival in Washington D.C.

§2010   Planning of ARAYUN Concert in Fukuoka

§2011   Gugak Performance Planning of Cheong Wa dae

§2012   Planning of ARAYUN Concert at Korean Bell Garden in Washington D.C.

§2013   Organizing the 1st ‘Awards of The Greatest Gugak Artist’

§2013   Planning the Fashion Show in Washington D.C. (President celebrates visiting USA

§2014   Planning of Creative Music Drama ‘Fox story’ (Seoul Arts Center)

§2014   Planning of Brand Music Concert ‘昨今明後’ (National Gugak Center)

§2014   Organizing the 2nd ‘Awards of The Greatest Gugak Artist’

§2015   Holding the 1st DANHUR Show

§2015   Organizing the 3rd ‘Awards of The Greatest Gugak Artist’

§2015   Strategic Alliances with Education Consulting Group, ‘Bu-mo’

§2016   Founding of ‘Seoul Monet Chamber Orchestra’ (First Director, Sol Chin)

§2016   Planning of ARAYUN concert in Qingdao

§2016   Holding the 2nd DANHUR Show

§2016   Strategic Alliances with IMK, Verein (Internationale Musik und Kulturfoerderung)

§2017   Release of 4th Album of ARAYUN

§2017   Start of the Talent Donation Lecture, ‘Red Bean Bread & Can Coffee’

              (with sponsor ‘Our home’)

§2017   Promoting the World top Bboy, ‘Jinjo crew’

§2017   Strategic Alliances with Law firm, ‘Gang-nam’

§2018   Holding the 3rd DANHUR Show

§2018   Planning the Course of Medical Tourism Planner in Gangseo-gu

§2019   Promoting the string quartet, ‘4 Bridge Ensemble’

§2019   Planning the course of ‘Military Image Planning’ (Republic of Korean Army) 

§2019   Establishment of DANHUR KOREA

                       (Re-establishment after expanding DANHUR COMMUNICATIONS KOREA)

소 덕실

-명지대 사회복지 대학원 석사

-현.라에스떼 소공(메디컬 스파) 대표

현) 인도샤나즈 아유르베다 아시아 총판

현-알렉산더 킴스코 아시아 총판

현-메디컬의료 기기-주노메디컬 이사

현-주] MTS 무역 대표이사

현-중국 연변석촌동 민족식품 유한공사 이사

현-중국 S Q D 식품유한공사 이사

현-구로 사회복지 협회 이사