ART Exhibition Celebrating performance

 Social Party Performance ( Stage Directing, Party All Stop Package)

(K -Art Branding Company)

-  Hosting exhibitions for music artists and artists, press pr, book publishing, photo/video shooting and recording materials, website production, interview video production, commercial video production, ppl, various collaboration planning and SNS account management, branding related to culture and arts I am a content agency.

The stage with foreigners- K pop Korean Traditional song 

LSJ company with motto called, “Find your value”


and based on CEO Lee, Seojin who has been famous from various portals as a 24 years old music student earning 20 million KRW of net profit per month 

Obtained outside advisory [Lawyer, An Sehoon who passed bar exam from Law Department of Seoul National University] 

and wrote (Finding music student’s dream) becoming the best-seller in 2018 describing situation after graduating music major,   

CEO Lee, Seojin who has been famous because of annual birthday party with more than 100 people, advancing to main ceremony of Miss Intercontinental Korea after not awarding from 2020 Miss Intercontinental Seoul, and winning 4 awards from the beauty contest, participated in Miss Aurora, the world beauty contest on behalf of South Korea

Consisting of experts who possess various experiences in many areas, such as making contents, PR agency, SNS online marketing, management, and education business

Conducted performance of Key Joys and social networking party with English MC by inviting foreigners on Aug. 2020 

Also created Jewelry brand Lucia under LSJ company which entered Popup store in Ilsan Lotte Department store from Aqgujeong Rodeo and blue shopper bag. Conducted all projects related to planning and production including collaboration with various beauty brands, advancing to the world, exhibition, party, and fashion show.  

Also expanded not only lifestyle, but also art area with various collaboration. Recently, the company has advanced to One-stop agency business for various events, such as performance specialized for wedding, photo, and wedding ceremony. 

The company has established Art & Law association for public community services, which has conducted many volunteering service and public art performance by cooperating with governmental organization from the world and business group, obtained law advisory for neglected class of people, and exerted positive influence to job employment, solving multi-cultural procedure, emergency aid for refugee, and campaign for preserving environment.  

LSJ Company is marketing, branding, Fashion, management, Education, Party, Wedding, Offline Event, and ceremony. Art, K-pop, K - Entertainment with multilingual subtitles. And also, Jewelry, bag, perfume. 

Key Joys (artist brand) is Korean artist and our team's goal is that everyone becomes to know about classic music beauty. Our team's music is on the bugs and melon site 

The team has not only conducted celebration performance hosted by national assembly for Han, Hanguk, a peaceful writer in the world, art exhibition, and business event,

 but also implemented sole performance concert in various places, such as Hapjeong Stay Lounge, Glue Hotel, Aqgujeong Rodeo, and etc. 

The team also conducted various performances, such as volunteering services and outside busking for civilians. 

 The team has tried the best to make more jobs for women who have been rejected due to their career and related to art and physical education area.